Thursday, November 8, 2012

FREE Common Core Teacher Resources

Here are some great Teacher resources that I've created. They are linked to the Common Core Standards and they are FREE!

To download just click on the TeachersPayTeachers link.

Magic *e* Dice Game
Kids LOVE to play dice games and this one is connected to the Common Core. Students will practice identifying words with magic *e*.
Place a card face down in each of the boxes with a die in it.
Roll a die, pick the card from the box with the same number as what you rolled. Say the word. If you say the word correctly then keep it and replace with a new card. Continue until all cards have been played or as time allows.
This is a great independent game or with a partner in a Center. Perfect for 1st, 2nd or 3rd grade. I also use it in RTI.
This game is linked to the Common Core Standard: Reading Foundational Skills

Kindergarten Reading Literature Cards
These "Teacher Help" cards align with the Kindergarten Common Core Standards. They would be very helpful for teachers to keep on a ring right at your "meeting" area so that when it's storytime they are right at your finger tips. Each card is labeled with the standard that it covers so it will be easy for you to include in your lesson plans.

Kindergarten & 1st Grade Literacy Game
Kindergarten, 1st Grade & RTI students will learn literacy skills such as rhyming, beginning and ending sounds. Math skills are included in this game as students will learn colors and shapes as they draw a card or roll a die and move around this fun gameboard that has a fall theme.
This game is linked to the Common Core Standards: Phonological Awareness & Geometry.

1st Grade Reading Literature Cards
These "Teacher Help" cards align with the Common Core Standards: Reading Literature. You can put them on a ring and keep at your "meeting" area for quick reference. Each card is labeled with the Common Core standard for quick reference and lesson planning. They can be used individual, small or whole group.

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