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Sunday, April 17, 2016

CVC Rhyming Frog Match Card Game

Hey Friends!

I just posted this set of 126 CVC/Word Family Word Cards that have a Spring Theme of frogs & dragonflies. Students will need to match a frog word card with a rhyming dragonfly card. This card game is  on Teacher Pay Teachers. You can also order a hard copy from me, it will come in a book form, on card stock and colored.
It is perfect to use in Literacy Centers, partner work, individual play and perfect for Formative Assessment.
* Below is just a sample of the cards that is in the set.

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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Kindergarten Literacy Packet and Home Connections

Hi Friends!

I just posted a 40 page Kindergarten Literacy and Home Connection Packet on Teacher pay Teacher for $4.95. The skills that are focused on are:

Letter ID
Color ID
Sight Words
CVC Words

Visit my TPT Store for Math & Literacy K-2 Games & Activities!

Vicky Bowman

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

MIAEYC 2016 Conference Update

The MIAEYC Conference was last weekend and it was AWESOME!

Hundreds of Early Childhood Educators came to attend Workshops, Keynotes, Learning Fairs and make purchases at the Marketplace,'

I had the privilege of meeting and chatting with men & women who attended my sessions and Leaning Fairs. Amy Posey & Kathy Sweet came along to help and share their expertise. I certainly couldn't have managed without their help.

Visit my TpT Store for some great FREE downloads as well as many math & literacy games and activities for Early Childhood.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

K-2 Teacher Workshop November 16th

Hello Friends & Colleagues!

I will be hosting a K-2 Teacher Workshop on 11/16/15 from 3:30-4:30 in my classroom RM 8 at Norman Elementary.
Our focus will be Formative Assessment, Conferring, Small Groups and using Data.

Our Agenda is as follows:

Tracy K. shared tidbits from the class she is taking along with this video

Watch a video about conferring in Reading Workshop

What a video from Dylan Wiliams discussing Peer Assessment...connecting that with our Writing Workshop

Teacher Share:

Stacy G--Kindergarten
Tracy K--1st Grade
Lauren--1st Grade
Tracy K--2nd Grade

Collecting & Using Data to Drive Instruction: Tidbits from Vicky

Review and Looking Ahead...

Thanks for contributing and attending !

Stacy presenting a great idea on how to collect data as she confers with students.

***Here is Lauren's (1st grade student teacher) Video--she shared a great Turkey Math Center Activity that can be used as a formative assessment. Great job Lauren, you are going to make a TERRIFIC Teacher!!!

Recommended Books for further exploration on Formative Assessment...


Monday, October 5, 2015

Pics From K-2 Teacher Workshop

Ronnette sharing Formative Assessment Ideas

Stacy, April C, April M & Tracy trying a hands-on shaving cream activity that they can use in small groups.

1st & 2nd Grade Team participating in hands-on fun.

Kylene & April C., shared a great Jel Bag idea for small group formative assessment. Take 2 cups of hair jel and add a bit of paint for color and using q-tip for writing.

Group discussion & sharing

Thirteen of us spent an hour after school tonight watching videos, participating in hand-on activities and networking (...chocolate & door prizes too!). The group overwhelmingly voted to continue these Workshops through the year so the next one will be held in November.
Until next time...

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

K-2 Teacher Workshop Focusing on Small Groups and Formative Assessments

Monday October 5th I will be hosting a K-2 Teacher Workshop at Norman Elementary that focuses on Small Groups, Formative Assessments, Student Achievement & Data Walls

*Develop an understanding of how the use of multiple data sources can improve instruction
*Discuss how we can analyze data to trace the causes of—and find solutions to—low achievement
*How can we support each other in the use of data to improve instruction


Literacy Small Groups:

Using Data to Drive Instruction: Data Walls

Data Wall Samples:

Teacher Share:

Kindergarten:  April Cole

1st Grade:  Kylene Nix

2nd Grade:  Ronnette Boltze

Review Journal Article: Educational Leadership March 2014

The Bridge Between Today's Lesson and Tomorrow's

"Formative assessments can improve both teaching and learning, if you follow these ten principles."

1. Help students understand the role of formative assessment.
2.Begin with clear KUDs:  What is most important for students to Know-Understand-Be Able to Do as a result of this segment of learning?
3. Make room for student differences.
4. Provide instructive feedback.
5. Make feedback user-friendly.
6. Assess persistently
7. Engage students with formative assessment.
8. Look for patterns.
9. Plan instruction around content requirements and student needs.
10.Repeat the process.


Thursday, July 30, 2015

I'm Back!

Hello Friends ---After a year off of blogging...I'M BACK!!

My focus this year will continue to be formative assessment and how it drives instruction and advances student achievement. I will also post math and literacy activities & ideas from myself as well as my colleagues that you might want to use with your students.