Monday, October 5, 2015

Pics From K-2 Teacher Workshop

Ronnette sharing Formative Assessment Ideas

Stacy, April C, April M & Tracy trying a hands-on shaving cream activity that they can use in small groups.

1st & 2nd Grade Team participating in hands-on fun.

Kylene & April C., shared a great Jel Bag idea for small group formative assessment. Take 2 cups of hair jel and add a bit of paint for color and using q-tip for writing.

Group discussion & sharing

Thirteen of us spent an hour after school tonight watching videos, participating in hand-on activities and networking (...chocolate & door prizes too!). The group overwhelmingly voted to continue these Workshops through the year so the next one will be held in November.
Until next time...

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

K-2 Teacher Workshop Focusing on Small Groups and Formative Assessments

Monday October 5th I will be hosting a K-2 Teacher Workshop at Norman Elementary that focuses on Small Groups, Formative Assessments, Student Achievement & Data Walls

*Develop an understanding of how the use of multiple data sources can improve instruction
*Discuss how we can analyze data to trace the causes of—and find solutions to—low achievement
*How can we support each other in the use of data to improve instruction


Literacy Small Groups:

Using Data to Drive Instruction: Data Walls

Data Wall Samples:

Teacher Share:

Kindergarten:  April Cole

1st Grade:  Kylene Nix

2nd Grade:  Ronnette Boltze

Review Journal Article: Educational Leadership March 2014

The Bridge Between Today's Lesson and Tomorrow's

"Formative assessments can improve both teaching and learning, if you follow these ten principles."

1. Help students understand the role of formative assessment.
2.Begin with clear KUDs:  What is most important for students to Know-Understand-Be Able to Do as a result of this segment of learning?
3. Make room for student differences.
4. Provide instructive feedback.
5. Make feedback user-friendly.
6. Assess persistently
7. Engage students with formative assessment.
8. Look for patterns.
9. Plan instruction around content requirements and student needs.
10.Repeat the process.


Thursday, July 30, 2015

I'm Back!

Hello Friends ---After a year off of blogging...I'M BACK!!

My focus this year will continue to be formative assessment and how it drives instruction and advances student achievement. I will also post math and literacy activities & ideas from myself as well as my colleagues that you might want to use with your students.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Formative Assessment...

More from Dylan Wiliams.
 Below is a series of 4 videos from Dylan Wiliams on Formative Assessment that I recommend.

1- Content then Process
2-The Classroom Experiment with Lollipop Sticks
3-The Classroom Experiment Challenges
4-The Classroom Experiment Part 1

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Common Core Formative Assessment Help

Here are some links to Howard County Public School System where there are Formative Assessments with Rubrics/ Curriculum Mapping and Recording Sheets that are all connected to the Common Core State Standards---pretty awesome!!
If you are needing help in this area click into the links below...


Grade 1--MATH

Grade 2--MATH

Grade 3--MATH

Grade 4--MATH

Grade 5--MATH

Monday, March 31, 2014

Direct Instruction in Kindergarten Math: Making Partners

Norman Elementary's Kindergarten Team is in the process of developing a Math program that will meet the needs of all students in Math.  Below is a snapshot of Direct Instruction from Vicky Bowman, Title 1 & Kelly Stearns, Resource Room as they work with making "Partners of 4"

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Norman Elementary's Formative Assessment Learning Team

Professional Learning Team Meets...

The focus of this Monthly meeting is Formative Assessments, CAFE & Daily 5.
We had 13 teachers attend this month for the 1 hour meeting.

During the meeting we had Casie Campbell who is a Student Teacher in Mrs. Sweet's 2nd grade classroom, share the Formative Assessments that she has been doing. Her presentation was very impressive and she has agreed to be video taped to share in more detail--so check back, her interview will be posted soon.

Stacy Gilland, one of Norman Elementary's 2nd grade teachers shared what she's been doing in CAFE.

From there we watched a couple videos from Dylan Wiliam. He has become one of my favorite Formative Assessment Specialist...

Assessment for Learning

Every Teacher Can Improve- Dylan Wiliam

After some discussion, we moved on to Jillain Cole, Kindergarten teacher who shared Daily 5, Chapter 4- Read to Self.
We watched "Launching Read to Self" from the CAFE website which included a handout, Read to Self.

Next, Kelly Stearns, Resource Teacher shared CAFE, Chapter 6-Whole Class Instruction.
We watched "Comprehension--Remembering What I Read" from the CAFE website which included a handout on Expanding Vocabulary.

Looking Ahead...
Next Month's meeting will be Monday, April 28th from 3:25-4:25 in my classroom. Please plan to attend and bring something to share that you've been doing in your classroom.
Amilia Vayda who is a Student Teacher in Mr. Mumby's 2nd grade classroom will be presenting on Daily 5-Chapter 5 and Casie will share again, this time reviewing Chapter 7 in CAFE.