Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Next Book on My List...

I will be reading Comprehension & Collaboration--Inquiry Circles for Curiosity, Engagement, and Understanding by Stephanie Harvey and Harvey "Smokey" Daniels. Which is a requirement in my Professional Symposium in Reading course.

So far we've had to read 6-8 Professional Journal Articles each week, report on them and work in on-line discussion groups. Between that and my other course, they are keeping me very busy!

I will report back with an opinion on this book. If you are an educator, good luck getting through the next couple of weeks--always a super busy time. Keep your head up and eyes toward that warm sunshine that you'll be able to enjoy once the last bell rings.

Tested-One American School Struggles to Make the Grade

Well, I finished the book...If you are a person who is not in the education field but wonders about Standardized Testing and the pressure that districts/teachers/students feel...this is a book for you to read. As an educator, most of the practices/strategies from this book goes against everything I believe and have been taught. It might be an eye opener for those that have not been on the inside and have experienced it.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Western MI University...Ph.D here I come!

I am so excited to share that I've been accepted at Western Michigan University in their Ph.D in Early Childhood Education!

I jumped in with both feet and have already began taking classes. My emphasis will be Early Childhood Edcuation & Litearcy...both of which I love. I will be sharing my journey along with everything that I am learning, including Journal Articles & Book Pics.

The first book that I'm reading is, "Tested-One American School Struggles to Make the Grade" by Linda Perlstein. I'll report back on it once I read a bit more.

I've already read several really good journal articles--I will be posting them as well.

**Yes, I will continue to teach at Crossroads Charter Academy and hopefully have the opportunity to share the exciting things that I learn in this program with my EC Colleagues and friends.

Check back with me soon and please feel free to leave comments and subscribe so that you receive notices when I post.