Monday, November 12, 2012


Good morning & Happy Monday!

FAME= Formative Assessment for Michigan Educators. A Michigan Department of Education Initiative

I wanted to share a picture of Norman Elementary's FAME Team. This picture was taken at the FAME Kick-Off on November 2nd.

Jackie C., Kathy, Kylene, Amy, Heidi, Tracy, Jackie R. and myself--someone had to take the  picture :-)

FAME K-2 Team

I also wanted to share a couple points on Formative Assessment from the article
Formative Assessment: An Enabler of Learning, by Margaret Heritage.

*The teacher's role is to focus on what students will learn, as opposed to what they will do.

*Teachers share the learning goal, or actively create it with students, at the beginning of a lesson.

*Formative assessment is not a kind of test.

*Formative assessment practice, when implemented effectively, can have powerful effects on learning.

*Formative assessment involves teachers making adjustments to their instruction based on evidence collected, and providing students with feedback that helps them advance their learning.

*Students participate in the practice of formative assessment through self and peer-assessment.


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