Saturday, December 1, 2012

*STAR* Teacher---Deanna Goodman

 Today's *STAR* Teacher from Norman Elementary is...
 Deanna Goodman
How many years have you been teaching?
16 years
What is your best or most rewarding memory?
My best memories are seeing my students face light up when they finally realize they can read.
What is the funniest memory?
This memory is about me. I had gotten my haircut and decided to put on eyeliner and mascara for school the next day. I was so excited when one of my students asked if I had gotten my haircut. I replied, "Yes, thanks for asking." Their next response was, "Well you look a lot better." I just wonder what I looked like before!
Can you share a reading strategy or best practice?
We do lots of activities with student's names in the beginning of the year. Once we start reading, I use props to help students with different strategies.
We use 6 reading strategies to help us read:
1)  I use a pair of sunglasses to help us remember to "Look at the picture."
2) A tube of lipstick to remind them to "Get your mouth ready."
3) A slinky to help us "Stretch out the sounds."
4) A jump rope to remind us to "Skip over that word."
5) Some play coins to remind them to ask "Does it make sense?"
6) A catchers mitt to remind them to "Catch the pattern."
My students love this!
Name Wall

Name Activity

LA Activities

Math Activity

What advice do you have for teachers just coming into the field?
My advice is to stay current on what's happening in education and don't be afraid to ask for help.
Thanks for sharing your memories and the great ideas Deanna.

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