Thursday, December 6, 2012

Parent Workshop & After School Movie

Parent Health & Nutrition Workshop
December 4th

 Focus: "Meals On A Budget"
Parents of PS-5th grade at Norman Elementary had the opportunity to attend a Workshop that included a presentation on how to prepare meals-on-a-budget. Participants chopped veggies to take home to add to a soup recipe. Each person in attendance received a packet full of healthy recipes and several lucky people won a door prize.

We also had an after-school movie (Golden Winter) and a visit from Santa and his elf to pass out goodie bags & a Christmas book. At the end of  the evening a meal of pizza and salad was served.

After School Movie: Visit from Santa & Elf
Every student received goodie bag & Christmas book.

Parent Health & Nutrition  Workshop: Cutting veggies

Parent Workshop Prize: Crock Pot

Parent Workshop Prize: Baking Dishes
Please feel free to contact me if you'd like more information on Parent Workshops.
Vicky Bowman

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