Thursday, May 23, 2013


Norman Elementary's New *STARs* are...

Our AMAZING Secretaries who are the brightest shining STARs in the school!

Angie Cornell

I started as a sub for the district and did that for 5 years.
I was hired as a full time employee with the district in 1998 as a parapro for a special needs student starting kindergarten. I worked with Mariah for two school years. I then started as a secretary with the district when Mrs. Bronson retired.
I have really enjoyed both positions.
A lot of the funny stories I have to tell you probably can’t publish. J
However I do have a very funny story that I can tell.
A student that had worked on the mosaic coyote that hangs in our office, would come in everyday to see if it was done and hung up.
I told him that I would call him as soon as it arrived and was hung up so he could admire his work.
The day it arrived I called the boy down to the office so he could look at the coyote.
I said to him “Someday you are going to come in here with your wife and kids and show them what you made.”
He looked at me with horror and said, “Oh my gosh Mrs. Cornell you're still going to be here!”, I laughed so hard.
He was not the least bit concerned that he now had a wife and kids…he couldn’t believe that I would still be here J

Cathy Eichenberg

I was hired in 1994 and began at the High School in Attendance and Athletics.  I then went to Community Ed. /Alternative Ed. for a few years. Then I came to Norman Elementary and Community Ed.  I will be finishing my 19th year working for the school. 

Laurie Meyer

I started working for RCAPS in 1997 as a substitute para-professional.  In 1999 I was hired as a secretary and worked for 4 years at the Upper Elementary School, until that building was demolished.  From there I worked as a secretary at the Middle School for 8 years, and have been here at G.T. Norman this school year...funny how I've come "full circle" in this career.
The most memorable time would be when the "OLD" Upper Elementary school came down.  It was a little bitter-sweet, as that was my middle school back in the day.  Correct, I never left Reed City... hard to see all of those old memories I had come down.
The funniest memory is participating in the middle school winter Olympics...I was "trying" to push Mrs. Decker on a large skate board into bowling pins, she was the human bowling ball, and we laughed SO HARD, I could hardly push her...good times had by all.

Angie-Cathy & Laurie,

Thank you for all you do--the school definitely would not run smoothly if it weren't for your hard work.
You are appreciated by all--administration, students and teachers.

Thank you!

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