Thursday, May 9, 2013

Formative Assessment-Math: Kylene Nix

Norman Elementary 1st Grade Teacher, Kylene Nix shares Formative Assessment in a Math Lesson.

*First Part of the Formative Assessment Process...  (Watch the video)

"The most effective teaching and the most meaningful student learning happen when teachers design the right learning target for today's lesson and use it along with their students  to aim for and assess understanding."

"Learning Targets use wordspicturesactions, or some combination of the three to express to students, in terms the students understand, the content and performance they are aiming for."

-Learning Targets:Help Students Aim for Understanding in Today's Lesson
     By Connie M. Moss & Susan M. Brookhart

*Second Part of the Formative Assessment Process:

Kylene shared with her students what a #1 paper would look like, then a #2 and #3. Kylene's students knew that they needed to work very hard to try and have a #1 paper.


Once their assignment was complete, Kylene gathered her students back at the carpet for
Peer & Self Assessment of their completed paper.

`Student's Work

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