Monday, April 29, 2013

*STAR* Teacher....Julie Garner

Norman Elementary's new *STAR* Teacher is...

Julie Garner
3rd Grade

How many years have you been teaching?
25 years—3rd, 4th & 5th grades

What is your best memory?
This is hard because there are so many!
I have seen so many kids come through; many now adult, that when I meet them later in life will refer back to something I did in class that really helped them. At the time I didn’t realize, but learning later that I made an impact on that child’s education provides me with a feeling of purpose.

What is the funniest memory?
When a fifth grade student thought it would be funny to stop in the bathroom before math class and color hi entire face blue with a marker. He walked into class, looked at me for a reaction—which I gave him none, and said “go wash your face off, and come back when it is clean.” I secretly wanted to burst out loud, (although this is a bit mean…) I really hoped he had used a Sharpie—He didn’t L

Can you share a reading strategy/best practice?
For best comprehension, students need to read in a least-distracting setting. I encourage them to find privacy, and not choose books that are too high a reading level for them. The difficult vocabulary will cause them to lose interest.

Can you share a math strategy/best practice?
When solving word problems, go slowly. Read the final sentence again; look for key words/phrases that give a clue as to which operation to perform. Draw pictures/show work to help sort out confusion.

What advice do you have for teachers just coming into the field?
Be prepared mentally for a much more difficult job than it appears. Expect a lot more competition, going above and beyond the call of duty; being a teacher as well as a counselor; parent and nurse…yet remain committed and it will be so rewarding to see the students you have, grow-up to become successful and responsible adults.

Is there anything else that you would like to share?
Thank you to all the co-workers I have had the privilege to work alongside of over the past 25 years. You are what helped me get through the hard moments, laugh at the craziness, shared experiences & ideas, and always felt like another family.

Pictures from Julie's Classroom

Thank you for sharing your memories, advice and strategies. Most of all, THANK YOU for your dedication for the past 25 years of teaching young children. It's not always an easy job, but as you is 
VERY rewarding.

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