Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Norman Elementary's Formative Assessment Team

Monday 10/28 Norman Elementary's Building Formative Assessment Team met.

* We have decided as a group that we will devote 15-20 minutes of each monthly FA meeting towards "CAFE" and how it links to the Formative Assessment process. In November, we will review highlights from Chapter 1 of the book along with a video.
We will continue to share new FA strategies & tools, learn more about the FA process and discuss ideas from the classrooms.

**Because there is so many things that we want to get through during the meeting and we still need time for dialogue & reflection we've decided to make the meetings 3:30-5:00ish (maybe earlier on occasion). If you are unable to stay the entire time, please feel free to leave.

*The group broke up into 8 different spots in the room and answered questions & discussed the different parts of the Formative Assessment Process.

Marcy shared how she uses the "Pie" Formative Assessment Tool in her room.

*Amy shared how "CAFE" is going in 2nd grade & how it is linking to Formative Assessment. She also shared a couple CAFE videos that were about Conferencing with Students.

*Jackie shared "The Power of Data". We will be talking about this during each meeting.

*Thank you to Brian & Stacy (2nd grade) for providing the wonderful snacks.

*Thank you to everyone in attendance for giving up part of your evening.

*Thank you Deanna & Rob for supporting the Team.

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