Saturday, September 7, 2013


This POST will be used during our first Building "Formative Assessment Learning Community" meeting which is Monday, September 23rd from 3:30-4:30.

*Below is a 4 minute video from the Teaching Channel that shows a classroom using EXIT TICKETS for a Math Lesson. The Teacher uses the tickets to help her differentiate instruction.

*Here is another Formative Assessment Tool that helps with differentiation.

*Ticket Out the Door idea from Pinterest

*FA Tool ideas from Pinterest

*Kathy Sweet--2nd Grade

Kathy uses Learning Targets to help her students understand their expected outcomes.

Kathy uses the Pie Chart as a Formative Assessment Tool

Kathy is implementing the Daily 5 & CAFE in her room this year 
( I can't wait to hear/see how this goes!)

Kathy has been in education for over 25 years and is an amazing Mentor to our whole Building. She will be featured bi-weekly on my blog to show us different parts of the Formative Assessment Process and to keep us updated on how the Daily 5 and CAFE are coming along. She has been in a Title 1 position for the past 3 years and is VERY happy to be back in the classroom this year and texcited to try out these new things in her classroom.

Jackie Clark--Title 1

Jackie has been mentoring her Nephew who is a 5th grade teacher in Florida. Jackie is sharing some Formative Assessment tools and ideas with us...

Kelly Stearns--Special Education & Heidi Mellema--Kindergarten will be sharing Formative Assessment Tool ideas.

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