Friday, August 16, 2013

Formative Assessment---Back to School!

Hello Friends!

Where did the summer go? It's hard to believe that it's time to head back to school. As I look ahead to the next few weeks  of  "Back to School" schedules and routines, meeting new students & staff, as well as changes in administration...I have HOPE. Hope for new beginnings, new programs and yes, another FAME Team!

If you read my Blog last year, you're familiar with FAME (Formative Assessment for Michigan Educators) which is a MI Department of Education initiative. Last year I applied to the State to become a Coach and was accepted. So we formed a Team of K-2 & Title 1 Educators to learn more about the Formative Assessment Process, and what a year of learning we had!
I'm VERY happy & excited to say that one of the FAME Team members, Jackie Clark (Title 1) applied to form a second Team this year and she was accepted---Congratulations Jackie!!!
I'm so excited that we will now have 2 FAME Teams in our Building (16 Teachers K-5 & Title 1).

Through the last year, we have learned how important the Formative Assessment Process is to student learning and achievement. And our goal is to get our entire building,"on board" with the Formative Assessment Process. My Hope is to build a Professional Learning Community within our building, not only FAME Team 1 & 2, but a Building (District) Wide Formative Assessment Team. My Hope is that we will meet once a month after school for an hour. Colleagues will share Formative Assessments that they are doing in their classroom, FA Tools, FA videos and maybe even a book study for those who are interested.

So my friends, if you are an educator and are heading back to school...I HOPE you have a wonderful year and that there are exciting things waiting ahead for you.

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