Friday, June 7, 2013

Formative Assessment PD

Norman Elementary had it's first Formative Assessment Professional Development Workshops.
It was attended by all PK-5th grade Regular Education & Special Education Teachers.

Topics that were covered during the PD were:
-What is Formative Assessment
-Summative vs Formative Assessment
-The Formative Assessment Process
-Student Engagement
-Self & Peer Assessments
-Writing Folders
-Formative Assessment Tools

We also watched videos (just click on link to watch):

*The Formative Assessment Classroom:

*Self Assessment and Peer Support:

Other FA Videos featuring Norman Elementary Teachers
*Kylene Nix-Math Formative Assessment:

*Jackie Clark:

*Sue Rice

Thank you FAME Team for working so hard to pull it all together & Thank you teachers for being engaged and sharing things that you learned from the PD or things that you already do in your classrooms.


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