Thursday, March 28, 2013

*STAR* Teacher--Jean Bland

Norman Elementary's new *STAR* Teacher is...
Jean Bland
3rd Grade

How many years have you been teaching?
30 years (I can’t believe it, but it’s true).

What is your best memory?
Along time ago, my 5th graders had a surprise birthday party--they invited Dynomite the Clown to perform.

What is the funniest memory?
When I took my class out for a fire drill, I was so proud to be the first class out in a straight, quiet line. Then , Erv Jones came outside to tell me it’s a tornado drill and that my kids would be half-way to Big Rapids.

Can you share a writing strategy?
A writing strategy I use is to put clear page protectors over a final draft and have peers proofread with markers (not permanent) or crayons. Student proofreaders also write helpful suggestions on the page protectors. This is a peer edit and final edit.

Student sharing Proofreading Marks with peers

Students proofreading

Students with their final Writing Project--Well done!! 

What advice do you have for teachers just coming into the field?
Don’t give up! Find a colleague you admire, and imitate their teaching practices.

Classroom Pictures

Thank you for the opportunity to observe your class. I was able to observe the editing process-- what hard workers you have! I love the ABC books (final project). It is obvious the amount of time  and effort that you and your class put into this project, they turned out amazing. 
Thank you for sharing your memories, strategies and advice.

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